No doubt about it, we’re engulfed in challenging times. It can be hard to keep our spirits vibrant, calmness in our hearts, and health and well-being in our bodies and minds.

Through the ages our human family has faced turmoil and uncertainty with practices and expressions that bring us close to the wisdom and healing heart of the Sacred and nature, to “heaven and earth.”

The Earth from Hildegard von Bingen’s Fourth Vision

Two pathways that open doors to us of hope, joy, and renewal are “chants” and “plants” — that of singing from our spirit-connected hearts and that of companionship and intimacy with nature.

Discover how singing and the healing herbs can help connect you to a wholeness you may have been missing. Discover theĀ  qualities of chants and plants individually, and the vibrant beauty and blessing of chants and plants brought together.

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