Celebrating Samhain and Venturing Past the Veil

Jane hosts and produces Forest Halls Celtic, a streaming radio show devoted to Celtic music, folklore, and other greenwood magic. This program is available on demand for your listening pleasure. Listen to the shows here.

Coming up on Forest Halls Celtic

For the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating Samhain and venture past the veil between the worlds. You’ll be able to hear these shows on demand for two weeks each. Each show is an hour long.
Starting Sunday, Nov. 1: Show 36 – “Foraging” and Show 15 – “A Wondrous & Spooky Samhain”
Starting Sunday, Nov. 8: Show 37 – “Kin” and Show 32 – “The Veil Between the Worlds”

Come enjoy the magic of the greenwood!

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