Medicine from Our Yards: Autumn into Winter

It’s not too late to harvest medicine from your yard or neighborhood. I (Jane) continue to harvest edible/medicinal evergreen needles for tea and other herbal preparations, garden herbs that are still vibrant from an autumn resurgence of growth, and hawthorn berries and rose hips are still to be found. Lately I’ve harvested Dandelion roots and (from downed limbs) green Alder catkins and buds, and Alder bark.

Thank you to Vashon Resilience for hosting my session for their second Teach-In as part of the Vashon Island Time Exchange, an amazing community resource. While this is from autumn, the principles are important anytime, and the herbs mentioned are ones you from which you can still harvest. Enjoy!

Herbalist Jane Valencia’s presentation reconnects us to the place that we live and its capacity to heal body and soul. As an herbal educator, Jane brings makes her vast knowledge and deep relationship with plants and place easy to understand so that you can foster your own skills and well being.

Autumn Herbs – Medicine from Our Yards – with Jane Valencia (Teach-In#2Session#5) from Backbone Campaign on Vimeo.

A Celtic Herbs and Healing Ways Workshop to Honor Our Beloved Dead

Greetings, Friends,

Erin and I are excited about our upcoming workshop, and hope you’ll join us. Here’s info about it:

Through the lens of Celtic heritage, we’ll honor our Dead within an expression of an intimate conversation woven of community, the land, and the Sacred, and shepherded by the generosity and blessing of the herbs and trees. We’ll touch into Scottish, Irish, and Welsh folk customs, myth, music and plant lore not to imitate or appropriate, but to awaken our hearts to celebrating our beloved Dead in spontaneous, deep-felt ways, and to them perhaps celebrating us. Our day will be interspersed with solo time outdoors and in reflection and simple ceremony.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 9am to 3pm PT via Zoom. Fee: $65. Partial scholarships are available. Find out more/register at here.

Immerse Yourself in Hildegard’s Rose

What do you love about Rose? Such a glorious flower, one that speaks to our spirit, hearts, and mental and physical bodies too. Revered for generations, the “queen of the flowers” as been used medicinally throughout the ages as well.

Hildegard von Bingen was a 12th century German Benedictine abbess, mystic, composer, skilled healer, and saint. In this video we share and teach a little of Hildegard’s chant and how she used Rose medicinally. We also make an oil with Rose.

This video is a preview of what we’ll be teaching at the Pacific Women’s Virtual Herbal Conference taking place on Sept 25-27, 2020.

How do you work with and enjoy Rose? Please share your experiences with this lovely plant. Viriditas!