Since you’re here, we imagine you love chant, are fascinated by Hildegard von Bingen (12th c. abbess, composer, physician, speaker, mystic, saint) , or are curious about herbs and their medicine. You love the garden and nature, are striving to live a life attuned to the Sacred, or a combination of all the things mentioned here!

Maybe you are fascinated by the medieval mind, or of ancestral ways of knowing, and maybe you have a regular practice with healing, giving and receiving. Likely you want a better world to flourish that includes all humans, all beings, and serves as a true gift to our beautiful and generous Mother Earth.

Maybe you sense — or know — that other ways of engaging with the world can lead to peace and wonder. And maybe by stepping into these other ways of being, sensing, perceiving, and expressing, that new thoughts can come forth, new ways to work, engage, and play and celebrate the music of life with one another,

We are Erin Durrett, cantor, chant specialist, and vocalist, and Jane Valencia, harper, storyteller, and herbalist. We love to discover and share what chants and plants reveal about our world and our deepest nature.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, your experiences, your discoveries as we head out together into the realm of Chants and Plants. Please introduce yourself in the Comment box below. We’d be delighted and honored to get to know you!